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Keyman_sam's Sample Library for Shortcircuit 1

What is this sample library about?

Shortcircuit Essentials Volume 1 is the first commercial sample library for Shortcircuit. It has been programmed in Shortcircuit 1, and it takes advantage of Shortcircuit's powerful filters, extensive modulation options, and high-quality playback engine. This library is aimed at providing top-quality sounds for inspiring composers, synth-geeks and hip-hop artists alike. Here are some mp3 demos showcasing some sounds from this library :

Wide Pads

Sphere of Pads

Moody Bells

Sawz attack

In the following demos, drums are from fxpansion's GURU :

Detuned Chord Stab

Dirty Bass

Squire Central


What does this sample library contain?

This library contains 54 programs including multi-setups. The entire library is neatly organized into folders and arranged into 15 banks that enclose these programs, multi-setups and the wave files that are needed for the programs, ready to be loaded into the sampler. The basses covered in this library are dirty and dance-worthy. Some of the pads are so lush and atmospheric that they fit well in a cinematic track. The lead sounds are radio friendly, and there some VA-style sounds in there too! I'm also planning on providing templates as free updates such that you could load in your own wave files and create completely different sounds, or do granular time stretching, stutters, glitch-type noises, and simply have fun experimenting, exploring and making some music using shortcircuit.

How can I purchase this library?

You can purchase Shortcircuit Essentials Volume 1 for a small price of  $10 (U.S. Dollars) paid through PayPal. 10% of the sales is donated to vemberaudio as an expression of gratitude for releasing Shortcircuit as a freebie, and as encouragement to continue working on similar software products. The links to the download will be sent to your paypal e-mail address. After purchasing this library, please allow for 12-24 hours for delivery. The links will be sent to your paypal email address.

Special Thanks to :

kara-moon for hosting this page and the library.

vemberaudio for releasing Shortcircuit 1/2 as freeware.

Benedict Roff-Marsh for his excellent support and advice.

Watto for letting me host mp3s in his server.

Special thanks to all people who helped and contributed to this website!
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