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Mostly a one man effort, the title \\\'one to many\\\' was meant to denote the general concepts of biological/mathematical expansions, but more personally my musical work as one person. It also carries a nice double entendre when the word too is assumed. Starting out on the accordion at the age of 9, I\\\'ve been involved in making my own music since getting my first guitar in the tenth grade. I also play piano/keyboards, bass guitar, tin whistle/recoder, the violin, and sing. The age of making music on computers is a personal heaven! My KVR Contest submissions as well as my 2005 album can now be found on http://1-2-many.weebly.com/
1.Beyond Me
2.Coup de tat
3.Cold Hearted One
Comments from Friends
Great collection of song you have here !


Crisp, creative, and original. Here at Kara-Moon I've come to expect computer music that is actually musical, and the selection offered by 1-2-Many is an excellent example of this phenomenon. Heartening!

Oren Thomas Fisher

anybody from KVR is a'ight by me, period... i don;t care what they say there. just kidding. nice work, well produced, well performed, AND well written, definitely worth coming back to listen to more when i am in the mood for some cool uptempo electronic music. and hey...your vocals are good, you should crnk them up a little bit louder!! ;) peace jimi

Pink Jimi Photon

Music making via PC is indeed like 'heaven'; maybe thatīs why your music is so heavenly good !?

Max el Belga


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