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Hurricane Alley
I'm just an old guy that still has a song or two left in him. I like to write many kinds of music except RAP, which I believe is really more of a R.ude A.fro P.oetry. I play Guitar, Bass & sing a little. I want a job in the industry as a songwriter/collaborator but I'm probably not good enough and too stupid to figure out how to do it if I was.
2.Desert Sand
3.I Miss You
4.Amaze Me
5.Marlboro Man
6.Don't You Know
7.I Wanna Sail
8.Floyd Tribute
Comments from Friends
Competent production skills, a well-developed vocal style, good songs, and killer guitar chops....What's not to like? That "BeknBo" Floyd thing and "Amaze Me" really work for me, but "Desert Sand" takes home the blue ribbon.............go, Beauxdean!

Oren Thomas Fisher


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