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Keith From Oz  
A \"play for fun\" keyboard player these days. Played semi-professionally for 20 years around NSW Australia. I use PG Music\'s \"Band In A Box\", \"Power Tracks\" and now \"Real Band\".
1.Flirtation Waltz with accordion
2.Flirtation Waltz Carousel Version
3.Afternoon In Paris
4.Battle Of New Orleans
5.Sea Change
6.Last Date
7.On The Rebound
9.San Antonio Rose
10.Alabama Jubilee
11.A Walk In The Black Forest
12.The Christmas Song
13.Strager On The Shore
14.Britannia Rag
16.Tennessee Waltz
17.Under The Double Eagle
18.Winifred Atwell Medley
20.Black & White Rag
Comments from Friends
Nice traditional feel to your electronic keys, Keith! Makes me wonder if I should have given up on the piano so quickly.... oh, now I remember, I sucked. Well, I guess it's up to you, fella. Tinkle on!

Oren Thomas Fisher


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