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Laguna Rising  
I\\\'ve always been involved in making music since teen age. When computer became popular I followed the advance and development of many musical apps still popular nowdays. I consider music an hobby, and I\\\'m part of the Kara-Moon collective where I give my unorthodox and extravagant contribution posting weird music experiments.
1.Key West Jam
2.The Crab song
3.Spring break
Comments from Friends
Ah yes, the inimitable Laguna Rising. Purveyor of the strange and wonderful, pilgrim on the road less travelled (musically speaking, you understand). Keep us on our toes, you stylin' individual!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi Laguna Rising, You know that I've allways been a fan of your style of music. Great car by the way


Hi LR. I'm really pleased to see your page up here. I've heard a lot of your music 'over there' and am always fascinated by your take on things...always the unorthodox approach...always expertly played...and never boring! Now get some more songs up here for everyone to listen to!


You always have really interesting music. Key West Jam is too cool! Reminds me of cafe' racing in the rain..one of my favorite pastimes there! More! More!



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