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Little Red King  
The members of Little Red King were born at an early age. They grew up and in this process they became older. Some of the members were reborn from the glowing embers of the Reseda Distortion Band and Esther and the Key Tones. Somewhere along the way they heard the music of the incomparable Hand Clap Orchestra ( http://handclaporchestra.dmusic.com ). By listening to the Hand Clap Orchestra's music with great attention, they were able to uncover exactly two of the secrets of the tone of the Felsens. With this knowledge they were able to make all of the music that one is able to hear and some of the music that one can not. Little Red King is a Lurid Cactus Recordings artist ( http://luridcactus.com ).
1.Lampi e Tuoni a Ciel Sereno
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