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Marc JX8P  
Hi! I'm Marc JX8P from the Netherlands. I've been interested in electronic music for a very long time now (blame it on Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis) and also in music gear and computers which leads quite inevitably to the place where I am now! :-) I've been making compositions of my own too from the start, tweaking keyboard sounds to get new timbres and later adding actual synths such as the JUNO-106 and the (yay!) JX8P. Nowadays I rely mostly on software (such as the excellent NI stuff and the GForce synths) but I am still a sucker for that old-style synth sound of the 60s-80s. I've also been collaborating with my friend Percy TKNX as 87PM and we're close to releasing our first album, Ocean Coast. Get a glimpse of it here: http://www.myspace.com/87pmmusic.
2.Oceanic Coast (part one)
3.Time Flies
4.Patterns Of Unease
5.Ocean Coast - part 2
6.Ocean Coast (part two)
7.On A Journey
Comments from Friends
Hi Marc. I'm fan of the kind of music you make. I love the way how you play with sounds and how you combine them. My absolute favourite would be "Times Flies". I'm sure I will hear many more great songs from you! Looking forward...


Marc, You are a real sound wizard ! I love the music that you make.


Marc JX8P - the man who put soul into digital synthesis. Every song is an inspiration. If this is the future of computer music, I say, "bring it on, Marc!"

Oren Thomas Fisher

It's obvious from the finely detailed music you create that synths are absolutely your bread and butter. Very inspiring stuff, and as a fellow synthist (is there such a word) I'm challenged to improve my own work!


Hey Marc, Great to see your page up here. You know that electronic music and synths are not my thing in general, however this is where the lines get crossed! The sounds that you can squeeze out of those boxes are invariably a delight. You have a natural sense of melody and mix that contribute to some majestic compositions. Keep it going, mate. I hope to be able to join in with you again in the future.


Hi Marc..Mr. SynthMeister. Lotta sound here.."patterns of Unease" is a really powerful piece of work..after that tantalizing intro, it blasts you into the thick of things. Also, for a change of pace, "Etherial" is a stunner. Thanks for the great music.



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