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Moe Shinola  
Kansas City, Mo. USA
Denizen of midtown Kansas City, layabout & coffee drinker. Plays guitar and does home recording.
1.Andrea's Birthday Song
2.Hey Supervisor
4.Patriot Ax
5.Safe Environment
6.Phobic Dance
Comments from Friends
Impressive range of style, Moe! Nice production work, too. Your acoustic guitar action is what really works for me, and the occasional dollop of social commentary is always welcome. Good to have you aboard!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Heya Moe..got a kick out of your tunes. yeah..Safe environment..thats got some good punch. ..btw..I used to actually use Shinola, back in the day..yeah, no cr@p! :)


Hi there Moe. You sure got a great collection of styles here. I'm not so keen on the electronics, but your straight ahead blues really rocks and that Birthday Song is a superb bit of acoustic work. Being mainly an acoustic player myself I understand the technical difficulties in the recording. You cracked it, man!


S... how is it that it\'s taken me so long to listen to your work? Many apologies. That\'s some fine picking there!



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