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Mr Mikey  
Yorkshire, UK
I am a musician, in my opinion (as well as many others) as I feel I can Record, Mix and Master a composition to a good standard. I play guitar at a basic level, but I do not read music too well. I enjoy Singing and producing songs using Band in a box, powertracks (which I've only just started using),and Cubase. I also have Pro Tools LE, Although I don't use that so much these days. I've been Recording and mixing songs in my home studio for around 15 years now and It's purely a hobby which I totally enjoy. i'm new to the songwriting area, but hopefully I will be able to impress you with many compositions in the future. I also love hearing others that are of the same mind and learning from their wisdom and, in some cases, their mistakes.
1.Love Will Find A Way
2.Willing To Be Tamed
Comments from Friends
Welcome to Kara-Moon. Nice sounding recordings; glad you stopped here to share them. This is a collaboration site so don't be shy!


Mikey, Good to have you and your music represented here. You take BIAB and computer recording to a very musical level; sounds like a studio full of live players!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi there. Man, it's great to get some country style over here. Very refreshing. You got a nice relaxed style, my friend.



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