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Belgium, Brugge
Born in 1970. I grew up listening to music from artists like vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Prince, Dire Straits, Queen and many more... I influenced by many artists. I took me a long time before I started to make my own music. I got inspired by the artists at Kara Moon who gave me a lot of feedback and advice on the music I was trying to make. Without them, I would not have gotten so far. Enjoy my music !
1.Silent Moment
Comments from Friends
Hi Moon, You're doing a great job here, thank you for this. You're realy developping your proper style, which is very cool ! kara


Ah, yes....the mysterious "man behind the scene". Mr. Moon.... eclectic, ethereal. Master of binary, bits, and bytes ---- and some great tunes, "Circles" being my favourite! Thanks for everything(literally everything!).

Oren Thomas Fisher

Very Nice Work on the new site. Thanks for all your time, patience and efforts. It's looking very good.


Hey, Mr Moon....It's great, at last, to be able to hear some of your distinctive pieces of music in public. Let's hope you can find time to produce some more, now that you are seeing the fruits of your development with these pages. Many thanks for all the hard work you have put in to this superb site.


Mr. Moon..thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes so that we can all hang out together. I have enjoyed your music, and continue to look forward to discovering what your next song is going to be. "Circles" does it for me..way to go.


mr.moon, man....it is such a pleasure to experience such well written and performed synth music...i've been a big fan of it all my life, the acid pillows of daydreams gone by all seem to come rushing back as i listen... very moody, and i love the very synthyness of it, if that's a word. look forward to hearing more, and will definitely spread the word to some of my like minded friends! thank you! peace jimi

Pink Jimi Photon

Very nice relaxing music and a wonderful job doing this site with Kara ! Tx !

Max el Belga

Thanks Mr.Moon for the nice comments and welcoming me to the Kara-Moon Collective.

I think your music is like a lovely combination the early synth artists like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, with a good healthy spice of 80's synth pop. I enjoyed it very much.

Circle is my current favourite due to it's carefully constructed melodic and harmonic progressions. But I also really like the Pink Floyd-esque soundscape introduction and backing to HeliosV2. Generally you have some really nice spacey noises going on - which always get my attention. :o)

Thanks again - I'm enjoying sharing music here...

Simply Wiggins

Mr Moon, your music is fantastic. I love this genre of music and you definitely do it justice. My favorite thus far is Mr.Moon – Silent Moment, however it was a very hard decision to make as they all were very professional! PS – thanx for all of the behind the scenes Kara-Moon work. I appreciate all effort you have put in here.



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