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I am an amateur musician from Athens, Greece. Some Years ago, I was in a band called Αστερόσκονη (means Stardust), but currently I play and create Music on my own. I mostly play and write Rock and Alternative Music. I play Guitar (any kind) and Keyboards as well. If I find anything else that is worth refering to, I'll write it here..|----------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------| Ασχολούμαι με τη μουσική ερασιτεχνικά, εδώ και κάμποσο καιρό. Η καταγωγή μου είναι απο την Ελλάδα και συγκεκριμένα την Αθήνα. Πρίν λίγα χρόνια, έπαιζα στην "Αστερόσκονη", ενα Rock συγκρότημα αποτελούμενο απο εμένα και άλλους 2 φίλους. Παίζω κιθάρα [οποιουδήποτε έιδους] και Πλήκτρα [Αρμόνια]. Οτιδήποτε άλλο σχετικό, θα το γράψω εδώ!
1.Beyond your Thoughts
Comments from Friends
Good to see you on the artist's page, Neon! I really enjoy your approach to songwriting, and especially your vocals. Nicely crafted productions, too!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hey Neon....can't wait to see some more of your songs on here, my friend. In the time that you've been around Kara-Moon I don't think many people realise how young you are to have such talent. Great playing and song writing skills that need to be nurtured and encouraged. I'm looking forward to working with you again, with a bit of luck!


Wow Neon.."Watching Time Go" is a great song: great performance, great vocals, and great production..More please!


I was expecting to see a great Greeck photo at your homepage, but found 3 strange creatures instead. However, don't be fooled by the pictures, cause your music sounds great. I hope we'll hear much more of your great work.



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