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Pink Jimi Photon  
New England, USA
Hi folks, I'm Jimi Pocius. Basically, I'm a third-rate, mostly-white blues-rock guitarist from the Willimantic River Delta. ;) I've been playing music since I was a kid back in '69, and with the advent of affordable guitar synthesis now I can play pretty close to anything I can hear in my head. I play all kinds of music, from Classical to Rock, from Blues to Space....every single song is different. Listen. Anyways.... These are some of my songs, and they are all free to download and/or listen to. If ya like any, please snag a copy, tell a friend. If ya REALLY like them, please make a small donation to the American Cancer Society, (or better, the Lung Cancer Alliance)or pay it forward somehow...do something nice for some stranger you never met. Buy a bum a cuppa coffee or something. Work for peace. Anyways.... All these Songs are recorded with freeware called AUDACITY!! ( http://www.audacity.sourceforge.net/ ) Google it. This page and everything on it is dedicated to my wife Julie; Have fun, and enjoy the music. peace love and blessings to you and yours always. "Pink" Jimi "Photon" Pocius if you like any of my music, there's a lot more here: http://indiehitsproductions.com/members/25 http://www.icompositions.com/artists/pinkjimiphoton or on my website: (parental advisory) http://www.jimipocius.com/ Special Thanks to Juliane Pocius ,Mark "Guitar" Easton and my Goddess, the Mother Of All Creation. STOP THE WAR WAGE PEACE!!!!!!
1.Lisa Let Your Love Shine (live demo w/Easton
4.Day After Day (Xenochron)
6.TranscenDental Medication
7.A Rare And Precious Jewel
8.Electric Detective
9.Uncle Ed's
10.We All Fall Down You Know
11.Rock N Roll Suicide
12.Black Heart Cold Steel
14.It's My Own Fault (live)
15....and on the first day the Goddess awoke...
16.the Third Party Blues
Comments from Friends
The music is good (OK, great!), but what I really like is your attitude, fella! It has been my experience that music and money don't mix very well, and it's refreshing to encounter some one who has addressed the issue so definitively. Yes!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Good stuff, rich fat sound, great voice ! And in the back on yer picture a great amp; that serie was the best Kustom have made. ...and next to it my favourite guitar... Now I need urgently another coffee !

Max el Belga

Hi Pink Jimi.. ./. you have a real handle on that axe..great tunes here. I keep coming back to listen..thanks for being here. 8) Wyatt


Great collection of songs you have made. I really like TranscenDentalMedication which has a great smooth feeling, a great guitar sound. Reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd (hopes that's a compliment and not an insult!). Great to have you here !


Hi Jimi So I finally got around to having a proper listen to your work! Some really great guitar work there, ably supported with your backing tracks. You sure do cover a wide range of styles. I can see I'll be keeping a watch on your page!



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