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As you can see, I am a pretty average middle-aged dad (I have three other daughters). I am also a rabbi with a deep interest in the relationship between music and spirituality. My music reflects an approach to Kabbalah, but since they are instrumental, anyone regardless of approach to their own spirituality might get something from them.
1.It Was Often Springtime
2.Gevurah (Strength)
3.It's all over now
4.Keter (Emergence)
5.Binah (Discernment)
6.Chochma (Wisdom)
7.Daat (Knowledge)
8.Shira (Song)
9.Destabilizing the region
10.Sand and Stars
11.Chesed (Kindness)
12.For Joe Z
14.Guru and Disciples
15.Discarded Fragments Unite
16.Two Dream Minimum
17.Across the Plains
18.Avoiding Trouble
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Wow..nice tunes. You are really expressive in that instrumental persuasion. Easy to get stuck on your page! Thanks.



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