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Pumping Station Road  
Hi, we are Pumping Station Road from upper western New York State. We are, from left to right, Danny, Mario, Steve and Bob. Danny and brother-in-laws Steve and Bob have been together for over 30 years and have written many songs. Mario has been with the group for only a short period of time. Our instrumentation is as follows: 1-Danny vocals and guitar 2-Steve vocals and harmonica 3-Bob vocals and rhythm guitar 4-Mario lead guitar and everything else (got to love computers!) We play for the pure fun of it. We hope you enjoy our music.
1.What a Turn On
2.Oh Virginia
3.Bondfire Boogie
4.Today is Just Tomorrow's Past
5.Always Had the Touch
6.Poor Patty
7.Pumping Station Road
8.Chasing your Dreams
9.Sweet Rebecca
Comments from Friends
Gentlemen - you have a great sound, here. "Stepping Stone" brings back fond memories, and you do the song proper justice. Mario, get a haircut. -----------Oren.

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi & welcome here. Great sound indeed. Have fun.



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