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Michigan US
I've studied piano since 1968 I've studied trumpet since 1971 Bass since 1981 Guitar since 1986 But my main focus is recording/mastering. I thoroughly enjoy music and Kara-Moon.com!
2.After the Storm
3.I Dont wanna
Comments from Friends
Hi Rharv ! If I can give anyone on Kara-Moon a good advise, it would be: listen to the advice of Rharv! You've giving me a lot of advise which helped me writing my own music. And even if my style of music isn't sure, you seem to come up with the good advice. Thank you for being here. You're one of the corner stones of Kara-Moon and I'll hope you will consider this place your home for a long time!


Thanks Rharv for been a moderator here, this place wouldn't be the same without you. Your musical and mixing skills are a big added value for us.


To "Max Decibel", the guy who can pack more quality sound into a digital audio file than anyone in the known universe... You're the Man, man!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hey Rharv,....I'm so looking forward to hearing your contributions to this page. From what I have already heard we have a true professional in our midst. Musician and masterer with a wonderful sense of finesse.


The SoundMaster..! You always set the standard..glad to hear "After" up here..I have always really liked that one..would love to hear more of yours up here. It would be a real-life treat.


Thanks for the feedback.....WOW some icredible mixing there on your songs. Different styles for sure, but getting the sound out there the way you want others to hear it is the key. Keep up the good work. Is your material original? Not my normal listening genre, so I'm not familiar with it. Toucher


Amazing Mastering ! Wish I knew HOW to ! Also thanks for your no bull answers at PG forums.

Tommy Cole


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