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Just a middle-aged family man in the US Midwest; aerospace engineer by day, making music for the sheer enjoyment of it....strictly amateur. I play keyboard and sometimes bass in my church worship band, which I enjoy immensely.
2.April Fool
3.Running Out of Thyme
4.Stinger Dub (SWTrex mix)
5.Dancing in our Language
6.Theme (No Variation)
9.Field of Sorrow
10.In The Beginning
11.Tijuana Iguana
12.Chillin With The Lama
13.9th Moon Over A Minor Sea
14.Serengeti Song
15.Cloud Fifty Four
Comments from Friends
A very individual slant on "technical" music. Artful and thought provoking - first class production. You got my attention!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi there! I was idly scanning through various tracks and hit on your MoonWalk. Great stuff - as is the rest of your work. I shall have to look in here again :)



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