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Simply Wiggins  
Hi there.

I\'m an independent musician/composer based in Berlin, Germany.

After about 18 years of composing classical music and playing Classical and Electric guitar, Piano, Drums, Saz, Banjo, Mandolin, and Flute amongst other things, I finally turned my attention to writing computer based music.

The music I make uses VST instruments, the occasional sample and recorded instrument. It is mostly in the Classical Electronica genre, but I do stray from that sometimes.
3.To Love and Hold
4.Sun Up
6.Non-Quantum Flyable
7.After Dark and Slinky
8.In the Night Time
9.What the Wind Told Me
10.Organ Organic
11.Homage Chocolat
13.Isomorphic Spiral Groove
Comments from Friends
Your particular approach to composition and digital synthesis yields a very pleasant listening experience. The melodic and rhythmic developments capture the interest of the listener and hold their attention effortlessly. A welcome addition to our palette of original music.

Oren Thomas Fisher

A very distinct sound style. You're music has a nice sound. The music is relaxing. I do like ToLoveandHold cause it has a nive melodic tune as well. Hope to here more of you here...


Hi there Wiggins. I'm really enjoying your music here. Such a variety of styles and all perfectly recorded and mixed. Extremely professional sound. Looking forward to hearing more!


This is a page of very smooth ambient tracks. Great chill-out music.



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