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At the age of 6 years, I started to play accordion and has been several years in a small orchestra. I also had 2 years piano lessons and a year organ lessons. As a teenager I had no desire to music. Accordion is not a cool instrument for a teenager. In 1996 I started using the PC to make music. The technique appeared to me but still not good enough and I was not happy with the results. In 2006, I have invested some euro in a new PC and some software. Since I am again with great enthusiasm in the matter.
2.Night over the beach
6.Tscha Tscha Da!
Comments from Friends
Here's a man with a great taste for music, a great taste for graphic and a great sense of humor. Listening or seeing your creations always leave me with a great feeling. Way to go !


"Fantasy" is a composition that represents what I feel is the ideal combination of attributes for audio synthesis: dramatic, controlled, imaginative, synthetic-sounding, and yet pleasing to the ears. A very welcome display of taste and talent, SoundKlops!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi Soundklops, great to have you here. Looking forward to your music.



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