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Stephen W. Young  
I have been a musician for pretty much all my life. Started playing guitar before I was 10 years old, and then taught myself how to play the piano (listening to my dad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s old Floyd Cramer records). I studied the violin throughout school. My career started as the Minister of Music for John Osteen at Lakewood Church, in Houston, Tx for 10 years. I write and perform my own music. Using a Mac Mini with Logic, and Band In A Box, occasionally adding my own instruments, I crank out my own recordings. I write a wide variety of styles - from country, to folk, rock, pop, etc.
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Comments from Friends
I like your style, Stephen! Cool songs, and immaculate production. How about some more Young tunes, hmmm?

Oren Thomas Fisher


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