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Talvin Jones  
Hi there! I started making music in the early nineties inspired by 80s bands such as a-ha, Depeche Mode, U2...you name them. I always liked music with a strong melody, and I guess I am still influenced by bands such as the Beatles, Oasis, Coldplay, Travis...basically British bands. I started out working on an Atari ST. Around the turn of the millennium I switched to a PC and replaced my Roland synthesizers with VST instruments. When the first guitar sample libraries came out, I finally could start making the kind of music I always wanted, that is guitar oriented pop/rock. What else can I say...enjoy my music. :-)
3.Teaching dogs to fly
5.You and Me
6.End of Summer 2008
Comments from Friends
Hi Talvin, Great to see you here. I like your music. You've found your own style, your own sound, even your own voice ! Great work. Consider me as one of your fans.


Impressive production skills, Mr. Jones!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi Talvin, great to your music here !


Excellent, Talvin! Good compositions and well produced! I like \'You and me\' very much. Richard (zappfinger)



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