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WhiteAxxxe and White-X-Blues-Band  
Born 1956, got my first real six-string in the winter of 69 from my parents as a christmas-gift. (so, its sure, I am definetly not this guy, who got his first real six-string in the summer of 69 ... :-)) I was under heavy influence of the Beatles, Hendrix, Zappa, Led Zeppelin and so on ... I was thrown out of music school on my first day, because I owned a real electric guitar. Times were hard in Germany these days. :-) And so went the times ... and a few years ago I met Jimi Pocius in a forum, and now through Jimi I am here. I am working always on music, always. And I think, the music speaks for itself. If not, the music isn't worth listening. Judge by yourself. --- We are proud to announce a brand new album, the mother of all albums. :-) It took us 8 years to get it together. SuperNova by Lucy Dos Santos Luis & White-X-Blues-Band We would be glad, if you would have a listen on it @ http://supernova.mp3-netlabel.de There is a free-download of the whole album possible.
1.Flying Dying Transsylvanian
2.I Wonder If It Will Rain Today
Comments from Friends
Whiteaxxxe is one of the best musicians i know...he gets a feel across no matter what the song, a virtually impossible feat. the vocals are one of my favorite in the world, electric with feeling dripping like pain from a jagged and bloody blade...on this song, anyways. he's one hell of a drummer as well, he helped me out a lot with one of my songs by contributing a trans-atlantic drum track. this is one of my favorite tracks of his...his catlog is endless, and i must admit spending some time browsing it.. i highly reccomend you listen with open ears and mind and just become as absorbed as possible into this tune!!!! it's like when the led zeppelin breaks on lds or something.. and i mean that in a good way! straight shot from one of the best in the world right here, folks...and i mean it!! peace jimi

Pink Jimi Photon

It's good to hear a seasoned musician working the instrument. "Flying Dying Transylvanian" is a courageous adventure in overdriven electric guitar - beautiful! Advanced production chops, an authoritive feel behind the drum kit, and very original tunes. A welcome addition to our little Cyberspace musical community!

Oren Thomas Fisher

As you state : music talks and yours says beautiful things ! In those days music schools in Europe were classical orientated. Funny, īcose classical music didnīt make a dime and on top of that classical records were done with the money rock and pop made !

Max el Belga


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