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I like music, always did like music, and most likely always will like music. So I will let my music speak for itself.. Great bunch of folks here.
2.Blue Jazz
4.Done Cryin
5.Imaginary Friends
6.Mr. Moon Steps Out
7.Night Watch
Comments from Friends
I'm waiting for some of that harpoon action, mi amigo! That Strat is working just fine, in the meantime. Cool portrait, too...

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hi Wyatt....this is soon going to be 'the place'. I think I know what you are capable of and I'm looking forward to hearing the future of your page. Hidden talents will come out very soon, my man!


Hy Wyatt ! Great to see your songs here. You sure know how to make a rithme work and you have your very own guitar style. I really enjoy listening to your music ! My fauvorite song is without any doubt "Mr.Moon Steps Out" and not just because of the title, but of the great rithme. Great stuff indeed !


Hi Wyatt, A big hello to the second half of the Nuevo Jazz project.


wow, wyatt, what can i say, what a beautifully pristine and mournful strat on your first song... absolutely beautiful. i look forward to hearing more next time i swing by. i must say i am impressed with the music i am hearing here! some really cool stuff , i love the guitar work, classic, classic tones...keep 'em coming man! peace jimi

Pink Jimi Photon


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