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Former semi-pro musician, toured extensively througout the UK. Ended up quitting music for a few years due to a number of reasons. Recently had to leave work due to ill health, so have take music back up again. I write / play everything myself, with the exception of samples of course, although any I use are normally heavily chopped/modified to suit the song. Normally instruments (I can\'t sing even in the slightest), from Ambient trance to music influenced by James Brown or Maceo Parker, all the way to Jean Michelle Jarre / vangelis / tangerine dream type tunes Also DJ\'ed for the past 3 years in a virtual world called Second Life.
1.Funkin Funky
2.Chilling in Calcutta
4.Linder Wicker
5.Tranaclicious MkII
Comments from Friends
"Calcutta" does it for me... Top notch productions, and good songs, too! Welcome to K-M - I hope to hear more of your material.

Oren Thomas Fisher

That's one hell of a range you've covered in just three songs. 'Calcutta' is my favourite too. I sure hope you hang around, I can see some great ideas coming to the forum.



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