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We're Percy TKNX and Marc JX8P. After meeting each other at high school in 87 (hence the name!) we started working together on several music projects. We went through several changes in music hardware in those years and finally it's all coming together... Our first cd as 87pm is nearly done!
1.Ocean Coast
Comments from Friends
The living proof that Belgians and Netherlanders can produce fantastic music together. OK, we had some proof of that allready with 2Unlimited. I wish you guys as much success!


Welcome here guys and good luck with the upcomming album. I'm realy looking forward to this one.


Hey, Kara-Moon has a band! (welcome, Percy) You guys look so cool standing on the stairs, scoping the situation. The music is top drawer, too!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Great music and I hope it won┤t take so long to complete your 2║ CD !

Max el Belga


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