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Part time wanna be musician, home recording nut, using mostly PG products. I like to write love ballads, gospel and jazz.
1.Blues Jam #1
2.Let Me Walk Close By Your Side
3.After All 3
4.My Friend
5.Your Eyes Are Telling Me
6.A Hint Of Samantha
7.African Moonlight
9.None Of Them Could Love You
10.Boogieman Blues
Comments from Friends
Welcome to Kara-Moon. Good to see you here. Jump in; have fun. Nice sounds ya got there.


Hey, welcome. You got some real nice songs here. I love this laid back country style of yours. I would love to see you over at the forum with your songs. I'm sure there are some over there who would love to join in on some of these!


Hi toucher, welcome at Kara-Moon. Real cool music you have, looking forward to hear more of you.



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