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Hi all, Iím MarioD from upper western New York State, USA. Iíve been a musician since 1958 playing trumpet, French horn and now exclusively guitar. I was a weekend wedding band warrior for years. Now Iím retired and enjoying playing without the hassles of trying to satisfy John Q. Public. I do covers and as well as writing my own material. Having fun and meeting new friends is my game now. Kara-Moon has given me both.
1.Tranquility Island
3.Day Dreams
5.Light Breaks Through
Comments from Friends
Welcome aboard Mario..it just wasn't the same without you. :) I thoroughly enjoyed "Toasty"..another great example of your smoothly flawless style. Looking forward to more of yours, bro.


Mario...I recently looked up "smooth operator" in the dictionary, and there was no definition - just a picture of... you... You got a whole lotta style, friend!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Mario your music is always to notch not only technically but aesthetically. It\\\\\\\'s like an oasis in the middle of a dry desert -beautiful and awe inspiring. I guess what I\\\\\\\'m saying is that I like it a lot :) .... Thanks,



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