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Hello guys! I'm born in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria in 1976. I love to play guitar and hope you will enjoy it! I have displayed an interest in art and music at a young age, but it was art that was chosen to be the focus of my formal education. That focus began to shift in his high school years when one day in 1993, I picked up an electric guitar for the first time. Outside of my art studies, the next seven years I have found myself to play, studying the music of such guitar greats as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and playing in local bands. In 2000' I won the Internet “Guitar Player 2000” Contest in the genre of alternative music, sponsored by www.guitar.ru. In the years since, I have recorded studio tracks for several band projects, also serving as audio engineer. Also recorded numerous demo tracks for the AMT Electronics Company, Alien Connections and other guitar-related companies, My solo debut album “Universe”was released on November 30, 2006.
1.Terrestrial Paradise
Comments from Friends
Welcome Dimitar! I've been a fan of your guitar work for a long time. My favourite recordings are those where you programmed your own backing tracks. We are very lucky to have you as a member of the Kara-Moon Artist page. Upload more songs as soon as you can, and visit us in the forum - maybe give the guitar players a few tips on how you get your sound....

Oren Thomas Fisher

Yes, very excited to see you here. I also enjoy your work a lot. Welcome!


Utterly fantastic, unbelievable guitar sound !!! You're posting some very high quality music here. Please keep making music, cause you're doing it in a fantastic way. Hope to see more of you here and on our forum!


Welcome! Yeah, I remember you from the old Production Forums, a few years ago, and you have always been good. Glad to see a second song from you and I would love to have more to listen to. You've got the touch!


i love your tones .keep up the good work, james


You´re an amazing talent ! Before I had a top-3 list of my fav best guitar players : Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Now I have a top-4 list, with your name as nº 2...

Max el Belga


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