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Oren Thomas Fisher  
West Coast Canada
Fascinated from an early age by music and the spoken word, I take great delight in exploring the small mysteries of our world in rhythm, rhyme, and harmony. A proud member of the Diatribe project, the music mastering team at YourBestSound.com, and the Kara-Moon Collective.
1.Hydrogen Atmosphere
2.Sometimes I Think
3.Hell Has No Dominion
4.Cradle of Civilization
5.Lost in the Hurricane
6.Tracking Down the Soul Machine
7.Thunder Lizard
8.Industrial Complexity
9.Notre Bon Ami
10.Keep Smiling
11.Easy on the Turkey
12.My Narrow White Assumptions
13.No Real Complications
Comments from Friends
Oren, you're talented man! You make it seems like writing music is so easy. I know it isn't...:) I hope you'll post more music because I really enjoy listening to your work. Glad to have you with us !


Oren, What can I say... Not only a great musician, but allso one of the friendliest people I know on the internet. The forum wouldn't be the same without him... Thank you Oren !


Howdy partner. Things are shaping up nicely. Nice site here. Keep up the great work; yer making me look good! Mighty sweet guitar sounds you got there.


Woow ! There are great guitars and fine music here Congratulations for your artist page Oren

Laguna Rising

You have a rare gift for both creating music and mastering it. Great demo tracks you have here with top notch sound and a very clear, transparent overall sound that's almost Knopfler-y to listen to. Very professional sounding! I also love the guitar work you do - I'm VERY curious to hear what you'll do for that Oldfield-style track we are doing. Oh yes - and the next time you set the timer for your camera, set it a bit longer so you'll have time to turn around! :-) Marc JX8P

Marc JX8P

Ah, friend Oren. A seriously talented guitarist, and audio mastering guy too (very nearly a linux geek). Great to know someone not afraid to try new ideas.


Hi buddy, what a package! Supreme guitar talent, mastering maestro, all mixed in with a sharp sense of humour. Now get that linux box up in the air so you can concentrate on some more fine songs!


Nothing but the best here..just like I knew it would be..some of the best music to be found anywhere, bro..solidly anchoring the West Coast of North America to the Aurora Borealis.


Hey Oren.. Thanks for the kind Words. I really enjoy listening to your Tunes man! I can see an excellent guitar there! Like a Washburn I used to have Keep up the nice Music NeoN


brother, them first two songs just kicked my butt AND melted my brain....i loved it! i love your guitar feel...your cleans crystaline and tinkly, and soaring into pure smooth distortion. nice!!!!! and rare to hear in these days... can't wait to turn a few friends on to ya. sounds great on my laptop, hard to do!!!!!!!!! ;) and now a steel? you sick sick man.... i'm hooked, i love it, i give it a 11 cuz ya can dance to it and is perfectly wack in the most existentially joyful way, nice work man!!!!!!!!! peace and greetz from rockville.. ;) jimi

Pink Jimi Photon

Ta Very Much Your Comment - am flattered. If I could ever ask for a review that would have been perfect.
What a nice welcome to the Kara-Moon Collective!

Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I wanted to give your music a proper listen. Enjoyed it very much - you have a great sense of humour with your songs and a pleasant approach to your music. 'Keep Smiling' is my immediate favourite - love the slide/lapsteel guitar. It gives the piece a really beautiful ambience, texturally speaking.

Again Thank You - It's good to be here!

SW :o)

Simply Wiggins

Hi Oren, Great guitar sounds and clever lyrics, along w a fine singing voice. What more could one ask? Dan


Hey Man, thanx for the comment! I like your stuff too, man! I was just listening to Narrow White A$$umtions! Man I laughed my a$$ off and totally get that! I know where that beeze, bra! Anyway, thanx for the welcoming party. Are you one of the moderators here? Take it cool...


Wow you are a way talented guitarist ,been listening all morning ! Some of the best mastering I have ever heard ! Great Guitar Tone ! Love Thunder Lizard\'s dynamics very COOL!

Tommy Cole

Only a word : gentleman. Only a word ? No, one more : musician. :)

Daniel Pompougnac


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